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We want to hear what you want

The first step to this process is pretty simple... We hear your concerns and goals.

We really want to know everything about your business, who your ideal clients are and which strategies you've tried in the past.  From what we've seen this is the biggest issue in email marketing because they either offer an email delivery tool or quite simply they know very little about who they should target and how your specific industry works.

We set up a phone, virtual, or in-person meeting (whichever is most convenient for you) to chat and strategize. From this initial meeting we can determine whether or our solutions are in line with your expectations.

Content item service engage digital marketing service proposal

We put together a custom proposal based on your needs

Now that we know what your expectations and that we are good fit for eachother... The next step is to submit a formal proposal for your firms specific needs.

Our team will convene to come up with the most cost effective and modular solution for your email marketing efforts.  We wil work with you to ensure that you receive the biggest ROI on all email campagins.

Content item service engage digital marketing service hand on

We get our deliverables ready

Third step is to get hands-on with the deliverables agreed upon.  In cordination with our designers, engineers, and client contacts we will kick off the development of the necessary deliverables for your first email campaign.

Once ready we submit them for your approval then we move onto data scrubbing and testing.

Content item service engage digital marketing service testing

Test our deliverables and servers

Next we begin to run a series or test campaigns from which we will be able to throttle and configure our in-house mailing application as to maximize deliverability and response rate.

Once all we've resolved all bugs... We are ready for an inital campaign.

Content item service engage digital marketing service initialize

Kick off our first campaign

Now we are ready to rumble... We kick-off an inital campaign to a controlled group size  of about 5,000-10,000 and re-configure our system variables to run at optimal efficiency.  At this point you can expect to start receiving leads and prospects... You may very well receive an inital client just from this campaign alone.

Content item service engage digital marketing service replicate

Finally, we replicate and scale campaigns

By this point we've mastered your industry specific campaigns and can scale according to your firms capacity.  

Our Team

Our team consists of software and systems engineers that have a combined experience of over 20 years using different email marketing strategies and tools that actually work.

Software Engineer
Content item service engage digital marketing team andres

Andres is a software engineer that in short made this whole thing possible. Using his web/mobile development as well as server industry experience he was able to build a custom email marketing tool which is what we now use to deliver hundreds of thousands of emails on a weekly basis. His unique capability to troubleshoot and strategize allowed us to go from an idea to an web email platform servicing hundreds of clients and thousands of websites. He has also consulted in various industries including hospitality, residential and business IT-gration solutions and controls.

Email Marketing Strategy
Content item service engage digital marketing team hernan

Hernan graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with highest honors in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He started using email marketing strategies at a very early age way before the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 for an internet business he ran from home. Since then he has been able to perfect email campaigns for a variety of industries ranging from e-commerce, construction, hospitality and marketing firms. Since then he has expanded into IT Automation, Controls, and Software integration.


We configure our servers and campaigns to meet your specific requirements... Here a re a few sample configurations we've come up with for clients.

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